Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blue in the Barrio_Part 2

As promised, I am letting my readers know the result of last months trial run in "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device).  There were eight students that were able to bring their personal devices to school (one even brought her iPad). So I made these students facilitators of their groups.  It worked out perfectly!! Eight groups of eight the entire class was covered. Each student leader was given the responsibility of a data sheet to be handed in at the end of class.  On this data sheet the leaders needed the names of each person in their group.  Then they were to time each group member (including the leader) in the 50 meter dash using the correct starting protocols.  Some leaders did not feel comfortable timing and allowed a different member of the group to time the runners.

I had invited several tech people from the district to attend and observe this event and Mr. Stiles was able to attend (he even lent his personal device to one of the students who finished early to do some timing). The class started off somewhat chaotic, but five minutes into the task every one settled into doing the task.  All the names were posted, the times recorded to the nearest tenth of a second and data sheets were signed and collected.  SUCCESS!!!

The next part is to enlist the help of another class (preferably off campus) to use this data to assign these students to running events (50 meter dash[2], 400m Baton Relay[4], 25m dash[2]) each sheet would be a team, and make predictions as to how the teams will place.  Once the events have been populated we will run the events (without the knowledge of the predictions) and send the results back to the off campus class. Then compare the actual results to the predictions. Was the data that was provided enough to select the best people to meet the predicted outcomes.

Do I have any volunteers??

If you would like to participate,  contact me at <> or leave a comment below.

Welcome to the 21st century!!

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