Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dragon Chess Team Moves Around the Community

So what's in your neighborhood?  On June 3, 2011 the Douglass Chess team went for a walk on a warm Friday afternoon to go find out.  This small group of dragons, four members of the team,  left their lair and took a walk around the corner to visit one of their community and educational benefactors, W.Silver Recycling,Inc.

W. Silver Recycling is an international company headquartered in the heart of El Paso's industrial district and resides minutes from the US-Mexico Border and just a ten minute walk from Fredrick Douglass Elementary school.  This company also has taken an interest in the surrounding community. One of those interests is the chess team on the Douglass campus.  The chess team came into existence about eight years ago as a way to challenge and motivate a small group of "At Risk" students early in that academic year (four to be exact). Within six months this group developed into a formidable team, challenging players and schools that had well  established teams.  Hearing about this team's activity at a PIE (Partner in Education) luncheon, the company's  representatives decided to come along side the team and school and support this academic activity.

Support was given in various ways, such as supplying funds to pay for tournament registrations, the team had a sponsors' banner made, and this year polo shirts were fashioned and tournament chess boards were purchased for each team member. 

To thank W.Silver Recycling, the owner and financial manager were made honorary members of the Dragon team. So today the Dragons left their lair to walk around the corner to say,  "Thank You",  for your support of the Douglass Elementary School campus.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bring It!

So my tennis shoe friends is the term overwhelmed well defined in your life yet, or do you have some more room on your plate?  This past week I experienced along with my co-workers being subjected to "New Stuff" for us to teach as essentials that was delivered with the impact and veracity of a shot gun blast and I say, "Is that all you got?".

Job Alike sessions that when you registered online kicked you out because the mandatory sessions were full and I say,  "Is that all you got?"

Four breakout sessions an hour and fifteen minutes long, Eduphoria/K-1 Skills Book, iTouch/VPE,
Safe Routes to School, Managing it All:Curriculum/Technology held at a site that should have issued GPS units when you sign in and I say, "Is that all you got?"

The presentations were good the presenters were great, but now I realize I have three initiatives with the same due date and the fourth one due the week after and I say,  "Is that all you got?"

Lunch was fantastic, thank you to Famous Daves and our sponsors Marathon Kids and The Paso Del Norte Health Foundation.  I lived out the definition of the word glutton that day on the second and third trip to the table. Sure wish the guest speakers had a better forum and I say,  "Is that all you got?"

STARR In-service today more New Stuff delivered to us for us to teach as essentials that was delivered with the impact and veracity of a shot gun blast (same shot gun I think) and I say,  "Is that all you got?"
( I wonder if they pass these shot guns around?)

New school schedule made that was a logistical nightmare for PE (3rd, 4th, 5th grade 1:00 pm to 3:15 pm). Grade level Pow Wow in the principal's office, Thank God for the word Consensus! (that required only a half capsule of Advil) and I say again,   "Is that all you got?"

The students have yet to arrive at the writing of this blog (they come in four days).  No doubt there will be the usual separation anxiety, crying, clinging and end of summer shock and after three or four days the teachers and staff will be fine. 

So what else can be loaded on our shoulders or shot at us? Because I say if that is all you got you are going to have to do better than that to get us rattled, so now I say,  "Bring It".

As James Brown once said so eloquently, "I am Super Bad"

Super Bad!

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James Brown (God Father of Soul)
Super Bad

Have a great and successful school year, we will see you on the other side in June!!